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Knowledge Exchange and Capacity Building We recognize that knowledge is a dynamic force that propels businesses toward innovation and growth. In our commitment to ensuring our clients not only maintain a positive image but also thrive in their respective industries.
Visual Identity and Branding We build a platform for your brand by creating a unique corporate identity for your company, small business, events or products. Based on your needs and ideas, ISF develops your brand and its visual identity by creating a customized PR, Communications strategy that is applied to different media forms.
Design and Creation We design editorial projects, complete with creative content and coherent visual designs for publications, brochures, studies and institutional presentations. At ISF, we also help you reach your audience through infographics (illustrations and photographs) while using language adapted to each channel.
Planning and communication of corporate events We take care of the planning, production and execution of your corporate or promotional event whether it’s online or in person. With an assertive, detail-oriented strategy we help you create an agenda complete with speeches, moderators and marketing techniques that embody your brand and identity.
Multimedia projects From conception to pre-production, to recording, editing and publishing, our team can create podcasts, videos and animations specific to your needs. We help you choose the right theme, structure and execution of a script, as well as develop a strategic plan for its circulation. Additionally, we produce institutional content scripts, short videos for social networks, and web series, among other media projects.
Websites Our experts create, develop and maintain responsive and dynamic websites to better establish your brand on a digital platform.
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Social Media

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Ana Salas_photo Ana Salas_gif
Ana Salas Founder
Rafael Rodrigues_photo Rafael Rodrigues_gif
Rafael Rodrigues Visual Communication Manager
Nathaly Londoño_photo Nathaly Londoño_gif
Nathaly Londoño Project Manager
Luisa Oliveira_photo Luisa Oliveira_gif
Luisa Oliveira Digital Marketing, Branding, and Visual Communications Manager.
Sandra Sicilia_photo Sandra Sicilia_gif
Sandra Sicilia Interpreter and Translator
Carolina Godoy_photo Carolina Godoy_gif
Carolina Godoy Europe and Middle East Public Affairs
Andres Garcia_photo Andres Garcia_gif
Andres Garcia IT Artificial Intelligence and 3D Designer

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With our holistic approach, we achieve goal-based results that make a greater impact on your audience. Attention to detail and problem solving are two of our core work values and no client or project is too big or small. We are always ready for a challenge, and we would be delighted to work with you.

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